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 Simeonidis Tours, in Thessaloniki, was founded by Nikolaos Symeonidis and has been active in the tourism sector since 1973. The company owns six luxury coaches.

Simeonidis Tours, founded in Thessaloniki, was founded by Nikolaos Symeonidis and has been active in the tourism sector since 1973, owning six luxury buses.

In 1996 Nikolaos Symeonidis was succeeded by his son, Simeon Symeonidis, who still runs the company today. With more than 40 years’ experience, Simeonidis Tours has established itself in tourism, a highly competitive and constantly growing environment, thanks to its reliability and its credibility.

The company has continued to grow steadily throughout the years, and now has its own offices in the centre of Thessaloniki and a branch office in the city's railway station. It has six privately-owned coaches and operates in a specially-designed area which offers passengers the best possible service. The company is also the only operator providing some of the most important international bus routes. It is always guided by its wish to provide the best customer service possible, which means that the 15-member company staff is available 24 hours a day to offer high quality travel services. Each expert travel agent in the team works personally with the customer, taking care of his needs.

The company is a proud and active member of IATA and HATTA and has also been a member of the Association of Travel Agencies of Macedonia-Thrace since 1996. The integrated CRM bus reservation management system allows us to book air tickets and ferry tickets and also guarantees that we can provide the services you need safely and reliably.

The goal of Simeonidis Tours, Thessaloniki, is to provide a personalised service for its customers and to continue growing as a company. Our staff are the driving force behind this, and they are our most valuable asset when it comes to achieving all this.